4 Ways to Increase the Number of Offers on Your Ferndale Home

Austin Black II

Of the many milestones you will encounter, one of the most transformative experiences is the decision to sell your home. Whether you are relocating to a new area, upgrading to the house of your dreams, or downsizing from the home you raised your family in, selling your home can be bittersweet. Yet, once you decide to sell your home, your main goal is probably to earn as much profit as possible. Fortunately, this is achievable. 

As one of Detroit's most highly sought-after suburban communities, Ferndale real estate has appreciated in recent years, and as a seller, you deserve top dollar for your asset. With the right marketing strategy, you could even receive multiple offers for your home. Whether you're selling a charming townhouse or a luxury estate, here are four surefire ways to get multiple offers for your Ferndale home.

Choose the right agent to sell your home

When selling your home, there are many different aspects to consider. Not only do you need to prepare your house for the market, but you will also likely be searching for a new home as well. And even if you are excited about the move, selling your home can sometimes be overwhelming. That's why you need to hire a local expert as soon as possible. No matter how beautiful and desirable your home is, marketing your home is a full-time job, and having a professional on your side is essential. Hiring the right agent can make or break your sale, especially when trying to generate multiple offers for your listing. 

So what are the qualities you should look for when hiring a listing agent? Many sellers work with someone they already know or hire a Ferndale real estate agent. If you do not already know an agent or the agent you typically work with is unfamiliar with your market, then you need someone who is an expert in your local market. When choosing an agent, here are some questions you should ask them before signing a listing agreement:

  • How familiar are you with my neighborhood? 
  • Do you have previous experience working with luxury listings? 
  • How many years of experience do you have as a real estate agent? 
  • What's your plan for selling my house? 
  • How often do you communicate with your clients? 
These are just some of the many questions you should consider asking your prospective agent. Ultimately, you should work with whoever you feel comfortable with and who you think will get your home sold.

Create a winning marketing strategy

Once you have hired a Realtor, marketing is one of the most important steps in this process. Even in a competitive real estate market, marketing your home is a key element to the successful sale of your home. By implementing a winning marketing strategy, you will not only create more exposure for your listing, but you're also far more likely to connect with qualified buyers ready to submit their strongest offer. You and your agent will collaborate on creating an individualized marketing plan for your property, which will generate results. Your agent will likely recommend some of these strategies: 

  • Hire a professional photographer/videographer to capture quality images of your property
  • Hire a professional stager who will highlight each room's best features
  • Make sure your agent creates high-quality property brochures
  • Market your home through the Multiple Listing Service to get your listing in front of other agents

Make your home showroom-worthy

Once you and your agent have implemented a winning strategy to get your home sold, you will need to create a warm, welcoming environment for your prospective buyers. Doing so will not only showcase your home in its best light, but buyers will be more likely to imagine themselves in the space. Here are the steps you need to take to make your home showroom-worthy.

Clean your house from top to bottom

When selling your home, one of the main objectives is to make prospective buyers submit an offer. Nothing turns a buyer off faster than a messy home. If your house is messy or has a pungent odor, eliminate it. Cleaning your home from top to bottom can make all the difference. 

Remove any unnecessary clutter

Taking this one step further, most buyers are also uncomfortable with clutter. While it can be difficult trying to sell your house while you are packing everything away, don't turn your house into a storage bin. Find storage solutions or sell anything you don't need. By eliminating clutter, you'll help your buyers envision themselves in the space.

Touch-up paint if needed

A fresh coat of paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to liven up any space. If the paint in your house is chipped or the color is dated, give your home a boost of color. The majority of buyers love soothing neutral tones, especially in shades of blue, green, or gray.    

Make any necessary repairs

If your goal is to sell your home for top dollar, every inch of your property needs to be in optimal shape. That means if there are any home projects you've procrastinated on over the years, now is the time to take care of them. If you have damaged light fixtures, loose doorknobs, or other minor fixes that need to be made, get it done before you list your home. While these flaws might not seem like a big deal to you, most buyers are not interested in taking on those projects. Remember, little fixes can make a big impact.

Price your home competitively

When listing your home, one of the biggest factors that will determine your marketing strategy's success is pricing. It is essential to price your home at or below fair market value. While it's tempting to list your home for the highest number possible, doing so could be detrimental to the sale of your house, even in a competitive real estate market. 

By pricing your home competitively, you will not only gain more interest from prospective buyers, but you are also far more likely to receive multiple offers. If you're unsure what fair market value is for your home, ask your agent. They know what buyers are willing to pay for homes in your neighborhood.  

Help with selling your Ferndale home

Are you ready to sell your home? When you need a  Ferndale Realtor, choose Austin Black II. Backed by over 18 years of industry experience and local market expertise, Austin and his team will get your home sold for top dollar. Contact Austin today for your free home valuation.

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