Meet the Seller: 2075 Boston Blvd.

Austin Black II

Historic preservation is a personal and professional passion for Emilie Evans. When she and her husband, Peter Kadushin, purchased their Boston-Edison Tudor built in 1927, they made a pledge to maintain the splendor of this historic jewel.

Their attention to detail is breathtakingly obvious as soon as you enter the home. A myriad of colors reflect from the original stained glass windows onto impeccable white marble flooring in the foyer. A complimentary shimmer dances on the exquisite herringbone-patterned hardwood floors in the adjacent living room as sunlight glares through arched windows. 

“It really is breathtaking,” says Emilie. “This house has the most incredible, unique features. That’s what made it stand out to us in comparison to other properties in the area. There’s this vibrant, beautiful burst of color that greets you at the door. Everyone who walks in, their jaw hits the floor because it’s so beautiful and stunning.”
“We are one family in the continuum of the life of this house. We consider ourselves stewards of this beautiful, historic home. We hope the mark we’ve left allows the future owners to continue to be stewards, and that they will care for it like we did.”

Finding and Building Love in Detroit

Emilie, 37, has lived in Detroit since 2013. The couple maintained a long-distance relationship as Peter, 35, lived in New York. They married in Detroit in 2014, and when Peter made the move to Detroit in 2016, they began their home search. In early 2017, they found the second love of their lives – their home at 2075 W. Boston Blvd, where they would eventually bring home a rescue dog followed shortly by their baby son.

Due to a job opportunity in Atlanta, GA, Peter and Emilie are selling their home. Although the couple is excited, they’re sad to leave this Detroit gem behind.

“This house set a high bar for homeownership moving forward. A very high bar!” Peter says jokingly. “It will definitely be difficult to find a home and neighborhood this dear to our hearts.”

“One Family in the Continuum of Life of This House”

Emilie is the co-founder of Brick + Beam Detroit. Established in 2015, the organization helps new homeowners and building rehabbers get the support they need to properly renovate properties.

“My background is in preservation, so making thoughtful and appropriate updates to a home means a great deal to me,” she says. “With every investment we made and every contractor we chose, we did so with a deep appreciation for the historic qualities of our home.”
As an example, when the couple decided to repoint the brick façade, they conducted weeks of research to find the right contractor.

“We didn’t just go with any contractor. We selected an experienced mason who knew exactly how to match the color, aggregate, and porosity of the mortar,” she adds. “We wanted to make sure it not only looked good now, but that the bricks would breathe properly to ensure this home will last another 90 years!”

This meticulous attention to detail is apparent in even the not-so-obvious upgrades. The couple had a brand new electrical service panel installed with true grounding, replacing all old fuse panels in the home and ensuring the kitchen outlets were GFCI. They also made extensive plumbing repairs and had the boiler serviced. 

“Many of our updates will not be visible when you walk in, but these systems upgrades are key to the functionality and longevity of the home,” Emilie says.

She’s even asked the plumber to write a letter to pass on to the buyers. In fact, she has a care package labeled “For the next loving owner” filled with lists of contractors, appliance-specific supplies, and intricate details of caring for the home that they’ve learned along the way.

A “modern-plus” Chef’s Kitchen

While each upgrade is meaningful to Emilie and Peter, the kitchen renovation may hold the most memories. There was a heavy investment to completely update the kitchen in the 1950s with mid-century, post WWII St. Charles steel cabinets and appliances.

Peter loves to cook. So the couple knew they would need a chef’s kitchen.

“We worked very hard to maintain the very cool mid-century elements in the most tasteful way,” Peter says. “We renovated while keeping the integrity of the unique and fully intact steel cabinet system. We made upgrades – like putting in quartz counter-tops that are complementary – while respecting the history of the house and the level of craftsmanship that was applied before us.”

Some kitchen upgrades include:
  • BlueStar professional-grade range with six burners, a full-size oven and a professional exhaust hood.
  • Quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, a refrigerator with French doors and a Bosch dishwasher.
  • Large porcelain enamel cast iron sink.

When Neighbors Become Friends

There’s one thing Emilie and Peter may miss even more than their beloved kitchen: the neighbors.
As with many neighborhoods across the city, there’s a strong sense of community in the Boston Edison historic district. Neighbors become friends, and in some instances, more like family. 
“Everyone really cares for one another,” Peter says. “We felt that from the first day we moved in. People stand outside and talk to one another. They wave every morning during their commute to work. Everyone is invited to everyone’s holiday party. This really has become our neighborhood family. We’ll miss it a lot.”
“Every time I walk into a different room, I’m still struck by the beautiful qualities and the memories we’ve created here,” says Peter. “I’m going to miss the incredible array of features. I’ll definitely miss the kitchen. A lot of great bread was baked in that kitchen! What can be done in that stove is amazing.”

“We’ll definitely miss it, but we know the right family will appreciate this house,” Emilie adds. “We’re excited to pass it on to the next stewards.”

For listing details, contact Austin Black II at (313) 550-2307 or [email protected].

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