The Mutt March Returns to Ford House in Grosse Pointe Shores

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The Michigan Humane’s Annual Mutt March is back, and it’s returning to the picturesque grounds of Ford House in Grosse Pointe Shores. After facing uncertainty due to a temporary pit bull ban, the event is set to take place on May 18, 2024, promising a day filled with furry fun and community spirit.

Since its inception in 1989, the Mutt March has been a cherished tradition, bringing together dog lovers from across southeastern Michigan. Last year alone, over 700 participants and their furry friends joined in the walk, raising vital funds for the Michigan Humane’s noble cause.

A Victory for Canine Equality

The recent turn of events marks a victory for inclusivity and compassion. Following the passage of Ordinance 279, which imposed breed-specific legislation banning pit bulls within Grosse Pointe Shores, the future of Mutt March hung in the balance. However, thanks to a 4-3 vote by the Grosse Pointe Shores City Council, the ordinance was amended, paving the way for the repeal of the pit bull ban.

Michigan Humane President & CEO, Matt Pepper, expressed gratitude for the council’s decision, emphasizing the importance of celebrating the bond between pets and their families. With the reinstatement of Mutt March at Ford House, the community can once again come together to support a cause dear to their hearts.

A Historic Venue

Ford House, with its rich history and scenic surroundings, provides the perfect backdrop for this beloved event. The estate, a National Historic Landmark, has been a part of the community since the early 20th century. Dogs have always played a significant role on the property, from cherished companions to essential members of the staff.

Mark J. Heppner, President & CEO of Ford House, expressed delight at the council’s decision, reaffirming the estate’s commitment to supporting Michigan Humane and its impactful mission. With the repeal of the pit bull ban, Ford House eagerly anticipates welcoming Mutt March participants and their four-legged friends for years to come.

Get Involved

As preparations for Mutt March 2024 get underway, interested participants can stay updated on event details and registration information at either Michigan Humane or Ford House. Whether you’re a seasoned Mutt March attendee or a first-time participant, this year’s event promises to be a celebration of community, compassion, and canine camaraderie.

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