Berry Subdivision

In 1898 a building permit was issued to Louis Kamper to construct a new house for clothing manufacturer Marvin Stanton. Soon after Stanton’s house was completed, and next door to it, Kamper produced a fantastic assemblage of towers, turrets, crenelations, and roofs now known popularly as “The Castle.” Then, in 1914, the daughters of Joseph Berry petitioned City Council to develop a subdivision of high-quality single-family houses. Covenants called for houses of at least two stories in height and built of brick or stone, with setbacks and side yard spaces. Building began in 1916; the majority of houses date from the 1920s.

The seven houses on Dwight are of special interest. In 1927 General Charles W. Harrah built a mansion on the river that was later owned by Alex Manoogian. Now known as the Manoogian Mansion, the Harrah house is the official residence of the mayor of Detroit.

AIADetroit, The American Institute of Architects Guide to Detroit Architecture

Boundaries: East Jefferson, Parkview, Dwight, and Fiske

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